About FMA


The Financial Management Association aims to provide its members with increased knowledge of business through professional, educational, and social development opportunities. It also seeks to bridge the gap among business executives, the community, faculty, and students.


We strive to serve as an interface between students and business executives within the Silicon Valley.


History of FMA


Established in 1969, the SJSU FMA has been nationally recognized for its membership, activities, corporate sponsorship, and outstanding website. In 1988, FMA was inducted into the National Financial Management Association. During the 98-99 school year, membership grew to over one hundred members. FMA makes finance fun, real, and exciting by linking student members' technical classroom skills with guest speakers' business-world experiences, thus encouraging student interaction. The club draws mainly from finance students, but officers and members alike are also drawn from such diverse backgrounds as management, economics, and accounting. Using both formal and informal activities (e.g., professional guest speakers and sporting events) furthers the opportunity for members to enhance managerial, interpersonal, and social skills. 


  • Provide educational speaking events/workshops for SJSU Students, Faculty, and Community Members. 

  • Attain quality speakers varying in the field of finance who will also provide members with on-hands experience and useful tips and advice for their industry.

  • Provide networking events, info sessions, and company tours for members with corporate representatives.

  • Have our corporate supporters provide professional internship opportunities to students.

  • Have members volunteer their services in the community.  

  • Implement interactive social events to create and build teamwork and spirit.

  • Engage in more collaborative events with other business organizations on campus. 

International Website

Find out more information about FMA International, visit their website here


Last Updated: September 29, 2017