Concessions for Sodexo 2013-2014:



This is the first year that Sodexo and FMA are partnering together to provide each other their services. Sodexo is providing the Financial Management Association an opportunity to work at their local concessions inside the Spartan Football Stadium for the 2013-2014 Football Season. FMA will get 10 percent off of the total sale that the concession makes for each game that they work at. All Sodexo requires from FMA is to have a minimum of 2 people working per game. 

About Sodexo:

Sodexo is the community of its clients, consumers, employees and shareholders. The company recognizes that the best way to respond to the expectations of all of their stakeholders is through steady growth. The company also believes it is important that their work is meaningful to all who contribute to it and thus they remain faithful to their mission, their core values and the ethical principles have guided them since 1966.

Every day, our 420,000 employees across the world work together to:

  • Improve the Quality of Life of all those we serve. We strive to design On-site Services and Benefits and Rewards Services (formerly Motivation Solutions) that improve people’s wellbeing, process efficiency and infrastructure reliability and quality. We are also gradually introducing Personal & Home Services.

  • Contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the cities, regions and countries where we operate. We demonstrate this commitment every day by employing tens of thousands of people locally at our sites worldwide and contributing to their fulfillment and career development. 

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