Meet Your Fall 2017 FMA Officers!


Tiffany Chao, President

Tiffany is a senior accounting major who joined FMA during fall of 2014. She served as VP of Membership, Director of Fundraising, and SVP before taking on her current President role. FMA was the platform that gave her the confidence to take on her first leadership role on campus. Furthermore, the organization has helped her acquire the qualities and tools she needed to seek other opportunities on campus, which is why she is passionate about the organization and what it stands for. In the three years she has been an active member within FMA, she has been able to witness and contribute to FMA's impact within the Lucas College of Business and campus community. As President, Tiffany aims to strengthen the culture within the organization in order to increase involvement. She also strives to develop projects that will help members build transferrable skills. Aside from FMA, Tiffany serves as a supplemental instructor and teacher assistant on campus, and has also been part of the Sbona Honors Program. During the summer, she completed an accounting internship with Burr Pilger Mayer and will be starting full-time as an assurance associate upon graduation. In her free time, she enjoys reading, baking and spending time outdoors.


Lisa Hoang, Senior Vice President

Lisa is originally from Sacramento and moved here recently as a new transfer student as a Finance major. She has joined FMA fall 2016 and was active in both Membership and Fundraising Committees. Since her involvement, she has strengthened her understanding of business and built strong connections with people she has worked with through this organization. She hopes to bring new and old members closer together as well as build a more unified community on campus for all students to feel welcome through fun and engaging social events. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, baking, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Matthew Chao, VP of Operations

Matthew is an Undeclared Sophomore who is currently pursuing a career path in Accounting. He was previously involved in FMA as part of the finance committee and as the Historian. He aims to bring internship and leadership opportunities for all classes - including freshman and sophomores. Outside of FMA, he is the National Communications Coordinator for Residence Hall Association and a Peer Mentor. His hobbies include taking landscape and portrait photos, traveling, and bouldering.


Chanel Ng, Director of Marketing

Chanel Ng is a 3rd year, majoring in business marketing. She joined FMA in Fall 2016 and participated in the marketing committee by creating different designs to advertise for professional development meetings. Outside of FMA, she works as a Resident Advisor and Office Assistant for Campus Village 2. Her hobbies include traditional and digital art, sleeping, and watching films.

Angela Prof .jpg

Angela Liu, Director of Fundraising

Angela Liu is a junior business finance major. She joined FMA in Spring 2016 to stay involved on campus and was part of the Marketing Committee. She worked for a small business doing accounting work and managing their finances before deciding to focus on her education and do part-time work instead. She hopes to gain important experiences in this new role while also increasing the number of active members in the organization. Her hobbies include riding motorcycles and cosplaying.

Viktoriya Saranchuk, VP of External Affairs

Viktoriya is a senior Finance major who transferred to SJSU from West Valley College with an AST in Business Administration in the Fall of 2015. She joined FMA in August 2016 and has since been an active member with a primary focus on the external affairs roles of the organization. Through her extensive experience working within a number of customer service related roles, Viktoriya hopes to enhance and expand the networking experience of current and future FMAers alike. When not on campus or at the library, Viktoriya can be found watching anime, attempting to read Tolstoy in Russian and eating her way through the Michelin Guide within the greater Bay Area.

Anish Amirapu, Treasurer

Anish is a Junior Finance major and joined in the spring of 2016. He has been on the fundraising committee and has worked at all of the sales for the semester. He currently works part-time at Lemonade Palo Alto as a cashier. In addition to declaring into finance, he plans on doing a minor in Computer Science. Anish enjoys watching T.V. shows and spending lots of time around his friends.


Arjun Mathur, VP of Membership

Arjun Mathur is a second-year Finance major who joined FMA last year. He is VP of Membership, and has experience on positions in multiple committees during his freshman year. He grew up in the Bay Area, and is an avid explorer of food and boba places around the South Bay. In his free time, he practices photography, plays the trumpet, and watches movies.

Urvi Mendez, Director of Social Events

Urvi Mendez is a 3rd year, majoring in Finance with a minor in Economics. She currently works at Aflac San Jose and as a Transfer Orientation Assistant at SJSU. She joined FMA during Spring 2017, and was previously a part of the Operations & Finance Committee. She enjoys watching horror films during her spare time and exploring new places.