Welcome to the Financial Management Association!

Fall 2014 Updates:


The Financial Management Association of San Jose State University is proud to educate our students and community members in understanding the principles of finance and business oriented subjects. The organization is nationally recognized for promoting high quality basic and applied research of financial practices. Come join us to find out more!

Who are we?

The Financial Management Association honors the faculty, students, and community members of San Jose State University. The club shows its honor by providing services and opportunities to its members and non-members through educational events, internship opportunities, scholarships, and etc. To understand more of what the club has done historically and what its goals this upcoming semester are, please view the Overview Tab

Welcome New FMA Members!

The Financial Management Association welcomes you to the Fall 2014 semester at San Jose State University! Our organization will help you with networking and educational opportunities that will carry you a long way after your college experience. To become a member and join us on our professional development meetings, networking events, info-sessions, company tours, and more please check out the Get Involved - Become a Member Tab. Please join by the deadline on September 23!

Attention Current FMA Members!

FMA Spartans! Get ready for an exciting semester with us. We have weekly presenters, skill workshops, and networking events coming your way. Please check out our FMA Calendar. This semester you will be actively learning about different corporations and the skills that are required for corporate recruiters to hire students like you. Please check out our Media Page  to view the memories created from being involved in the FMA.