Humans of FMA

San José State's FMA Chapter is very diverse group of individuals but we don't want to say that but share about it! SJSU FMA wants to bring attention to YOU and your story of why you joined FMA and your journey at San José State.

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Charles Nghi Pham

I'm a third-year studying Management Information Systems. I'm somewhat of a geek (Yugioh, piano, reading) and a huge Stephen King and Game of Thrones Fan. I also work out, do taekwondo (3rd degree black belt), and am a dank memelord.

At first, I joined FMA because of extra credit offered by Professor Buck. However, after a couple of months, meetings, and socials, I decided that I would stay in FMA because I like the club a lot. I hope to become more outgoing and confident when socializing with the other members, and to help the club become the best club on campus. In terms of people who have inspired me, Lisa Hoang is definitely one of them. Her passion for the club and her committee is infectious, and she genuinely cares about FMA. She makes an effort to get to know her committee members, and that inspires the committee to work hard. Honorable mentions go out to Tiffany Chao, Urvi Mendez, Paul Castaneda, Brian Park, and Lai Ho.

Prabhjot S. Khinda

I am a transfer student at San Jose State University majoring in Finance. I am 22 years old and enjoy spending quality time with my family and close peers. My hobbies are playing basketball, going to the gym, and reading books on business.

I have joined FMA so I can meet driven and motivated people in the finance and business world. I hope to create solid friendships and connections through FMA and have it be applicable to my future career choices and people that I will know for a lifetime. I have just joined this current semester so I can not say of now that anyone has inspired me but I hope that I can be in the upcoming future. If I can say anything else, it would be that I hope I can take as much knowledge and ambition from this club as possible. Coming to San Jose was a big change for me since I am a small city kid, so joining this club is an outlet for me to make new friends that I can talk and engage with. Thank you.


Carolyn D'sa

I'm a graduating senior studying Accounting. I'm so D'sassy with very bold excitement. I'm a huge fan of One Direction, Carly Rae Jepsen, Glee, and Pentatonix. I love to eat out, watch movies, listen to music, do art projects, and appreciate amazing artwork.

I have joined FMA so I can meet motivated people within the College of Business. Even though I am just an accounting major, I hope to expose myself to accounting, finance, data entry, and any other areas related to accounting and finance, especially accounts payable & receivable. While my college experience lasts, I hope to build as many great friendships as I can and connect with various professionals through FMA. I have been managed to get at least a couple of summer internships, with one of them being most relevant to my major this past summer. Being on multiple committees since Fall 2015, Angela Liu, director of fundraising, and Lisa Hoang, senior vice president, have inspired me to get out of my comfort zone within the club. When I first joined, I was nervous about getting myself out there because I didn't know anyone at any of the events I went to, including the professional development meetings, but Angela and Lisa encouraged me to come to as many events as I could to get to know as many business majors as I could. They appreciated me for supporting the club by coming to most socials and volunteering at almost all fundraisers. I felt more than proud of myself to get out there, become more recognized, and expand on my personal and professional network once I started getting out of my comfort zone. Throughout my overall experience through FMA, I have been very excited to meet amazing people and great professional speakers. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to inspire myself from both personal and professional perspectives!